Hockey Volunteer Positions

Team Coach and Assistant Coach
  • With many teams across broad age groups, LPAA supports dozens of hockey coaches every year.
  • The team coaches are almost always parents of kids on that team.  Usually with one or two co-coaches, to allow for absences, coaches are the primary motivator of the kids.  There is a great mix of new and returning coaches each year.
  • No experience is necessary, although enthusiasm and some hockey familiarity helps!  LPAA provides training and resources.  Depending on the age group, coaches spend a bit of time on drills before starting their team's game.
  • Kids admire their parents who coach.  And parent coaches consistently say that they are surprised how easy and how rewarding it is.
  • Time commitment: 1 hour each week
support roles
  • Procurement: Uniforms and Equipment, Referees, Photographer.  These people work with suppliers to acquire uniforms and other needed equipment.  They also coordinate with LPAA's referee supply including any schedule changes and playoffs, and with the photographer for the photo day.
  • Rink Permits:  This person works with the City to book outdoor rinks and arenas for the hockey season as well as the location of the banquet.
  • Marketing and Social Media:  This person helps market LPAA hockey, including updating the Hockey portion of the website and LPAA's social media fields.
  • The leader of the LPAA hockey program is called the Czar.  We're not sure why or how the name came about, but it stuck!  
  • The Czar is the ultimate arbiter of any issues or concerns regarding the hockey program.
  • The Czar coordinates and supports the activities of the Coaches and those in Support Roles.  The Czar also manages the general hockey email inbox.
  • The Czar works with the online registration provider to prepare the system to collect the necessary information from parents.  The Czar determine what information parents need to provide when registering, and monitors the registration results as they arrive.
  • The Czar meets with the LPAA Executive a few times per year, including at an annual sports report night where he or she will present a report on the previous hockey season.