Pee Wee Information

The Pee Wee division is mixed boys and girls, ages 8 and 9, playing together (co-ed).  

Pee Wee games are held at Otter Creek and Hodgson PS.  At Otter Creek, parking is available at Lawrence Park CI and in the small lots on either side of the rink.  A parking lot is available at Hodgson and in the surrounding streets.  Please be mindful of parking restrictions.


Rakesh Aggarwal

Hockey Czar

Game Times

Pee Wee games are held on Thursdays each week, at 6:30 pm or 7:30 pm.  If there are enough players to fill 6 teams, there will be games held on Tuesday at 7:30pm.  Please note that if there are 6 teams, then each team will play approximately 2/3rd of their games on Thursday and 1/3rd on Tuesday.