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LPAA = Parents Helping Kids

LPAA is run entirely by parents sharing their time to help kids. No money is involved, we are non-profit after all, but we are a rotating collection of parents who have offered some of our time to run a bunch of activities for our kids, while keeping a social and friendly vibe.  With roles available to suit all skills and time, we welcome your interest!

We are all busy with our families and our jobs, trying to stay healthy and help various other organizations we get involved with. That said, LPAA programs simply do not exist without volunteers to pull them together. You can think of it as work, but it is also fun. You can pick who is on your kids’ team, their team name, you get to see new friendships form, you get to see kids wearing the LPAA uniforms that you chose out on the street. At the LPAA, we want to make sure that everyone experiences a positive, engaging, challenging, and rewarding experience. To accomplish this, we have a wide variety of volunteer options available to match your interests.

We all work as a team.  Volunteering is rewarding, and you will get far more back from your efforts than you put in.  Your kids will be proud of you, and they will look up to the example they see you setting in the neighbourhood.

Curious to Volunteer?

We welcome all enquiries and are happy to answer questions!  Come and join the team - we are hoping to hear from you!

Volunteering Positions At Large

Not interested in individual sports? We can use your help!

In addition to volunteer roles for each sport, LPAA has a volunteer executive that tries to keep things running at the top.  There is a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and other executives

We are also looking for help with website maintenance, marketing, and social media.

We don't meet often, just when necessary and usually over a pint or a glass of wine.

Volunteering Positions By Sport

Please read an important note about coaching

Parents who coach children's rec sports are awesome.  We think so, and we know the kids think so too.  We have decades of enthusiastic feedback from parents who were uncertain whether they could coach, or enjoy it, and who loved it and want to return every year.  Simply put, without parents offering to coach, leagues like LPAA wouldn't exist, and we would all be the worse for it.  So we do everything we can to encourage, train and celebrate the coaches who step up for this uniquely rewarding experience. 

That said, in today's society we are also mindful about creating safe experiences for kids and adults.  We have policies that try to make sure that kids are never alone with adults, and we encourage parents to remain with their kids at all times and never to consider LPAA sports as "drop-off" programs.  But even that is not enough, so like most other youth organizations, we now ask that prospective coaches complete a police criminal records check before coaching.

The good news is that we have made this as easy as possible.  The application is entirely online, directly through the Toronto Police Services website.  The cost is only $20 for a check that is good for two years, and is transferable among many other organizations.  Of course, if you have already been cleared, we accept this too.

We know it's an additional step to take when signing up to coach, but we hope it's smooth and painless and won't prevent you from offering to engage in such a rewarding experience.  If you have any comments or questions, we're happy to hear from you through our "Feedback" tab above.

Tips for Current Volunteers